A Soldier’s Tale is was created in partnership with Theatre Aquarius, The Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra and Kaha:wi Dance.  This collaborative dance/theatre/music piece – a Mohawk-Canadian adaptation of Stravinsky’s l’Histoire du Soldat – celebrates the heroic contribution of Aboriginal soldiers from the southern Ontario, promoting an artistic appreciation of classical music, Aboriginal dance and original Canadian theatre.

Thousands of students in this region will be introduced to the story of a returning soldier, in this case, a Canadian Mohawk soldier (such as the actual historic Lt. Frederick O. Loft) returning to southern Ontario in 1918.

A Soldiers’ Tale offers a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Aboriginal experience in Ontario from a historic perspective, personalized into a story of a single homeward bound soldier. The universality of the experience depicted in our story is as interesting as the specific experience such that we are promoting a gathering of our mainstream and diverse experiences to help move our community together and forward.


Production: Theatre Aquarius
Director: Max Reimer
Choreographer: Santee Smith
Composer: Igor Stravinsky
Production Designer (Set/Props): Max Reimer


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