The Creator’s Game is a short dance inspired by the Iroquois traditional game of Lacrosse also known as “The Creator’s Game”. The work synthesizes dance and sport in a unique way, fusing a captivating mix of contemporary dancers and community Lacrosse players.  Juno award-winning musician Derek Miller’s (Six Nations) provides the original score.  Energetic, empowering and the Creator’s Game is a celebration of contemporary Iroquois dance and music.

The Creator’s Game honours the spiritual significance the game has for our people and also the ultimate physical prowess, power and agility needed to perform the game.  A gift to the people, lacrosse is also played for extreme entertainment. In the Iroquois Creation Story, dueling Sky Being twins, Teharonhiawakon (Holder Of The Heavens) and Sawiskera (The Bent One), engaged in an epic contest for control of the Turtle Island and creation.  One of their athletic contests serves as the basis for the game lacrosse.  Iroquois people have been playing lacrosse since the beginning of time.  Today, the enthusiasm for lacrosse continues to spread internationally as professional leagues are gaining new fans and popularity. Lacrosse is a source of cultural pride for the Iroquois people originally only played by men today it is also played by women.

The Creator’s Game’s extreme entertainment unites Iroquois song/dance and the game of Lacrosse celebrating life, giving thanks to all of creation, unifying body, mind and spirit…healing individuals and communities. 


Co-production by Kaha:wi Dance Theatre, O’Kaadenigan Wiingashk and Public Energy
Artistic Direction/Choreography/Design/Performer: Santee Smith
Composition/Arrangement: Derek Miller
Stick Maker: Delby Powless Sr.
Wardrobe: Elaine Redding, Leigh Smith
Derek Miller – Vocals, Synth, Guitar, Bass & Percussion
George Buck – Vocals, Water Drum & Horn Shaker
Crystal MacDonald – Vocal
Matthew Miller – Guitar
2oolman – Synth and Beat
Bill Wood – Drums
Engineered by Jonny Wine
Mohawk Language Consultant – Jeremy Green
Music Recorded at Jukasa Studios, Six Nations

Production Sponsors:

Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, Public Energy, O’Kaadenigan Wiingashk.


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