The Threshing Floor is a breathtaking duet co-choreographed and performed by Santee Smith and Michael Greyeyes- two brilliant luminaries of dance and theatre. In an empty house, a couple re-explore their lives together on “love’s 
threshing-floor.” Past and present collide, as they remember their 
journey into the emotional landscapes of ecstasy, betrayal, and loss.

“Our duet represents the coming together of two separate paths, and…promises to explore the rich and relatively unexplored dynamic between men and women in our own communities” Michael Greyeyes


The Threshing Floor premiered in 2006 and explored the theme and content of a modern day couple with movement vocabulary, design, and music that were entirely contemporary.   Thematically, The Threshing Floor touched on the complexity of modern day relationships in our Aboriginal communities and society at large.  The collaboration between Aboriginal artists Smith, Michael Greyeyes (Cree) and Shelley Niro (Mohawk) resulted in a fully envisioned and high production valued work.  The Threshing Floor is a powerful and robust dance/theatre work where character and subtext play crucial roles.


Production: Kaha:wi Dance Theatre
Residency Partner: Indigenous Performance Initiatives (Trent University)
Artistic Director/Choreographer: Santee Smith
Co-choreographer: Michael Greyeyes
Composer: Russell Wallace, Donald Quan
Musical Arrangement: Donald Quan
Production Designer (Video/Set/Props): Shelley Niro
Lighting Designer: Don White
Seamstress: Leigh Smith
Video Editor: Roger Duck at Digital Duck Inc.


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