Are you looking for an exciting and fresh way to energize your training routine? Powwow Boot Camp is here!

Kaha:wi Dance Theatre (KDT) is pleased to offer a high-energy Powwow/dance training class. This is an intensive as well as fun boot camp style workout for people interested in maximizing their physical fitness led by Artistic Director Santee Smith and KDT instructors.

KDT’s Powwow Boot Camp allows participants to learn or practice skills in Indigenous dance forms of Powwow and Onkehon:we (Iroquois) social dances. These dances are performed in combination with exciting and challenging cardiovascular/physical conditioning exercises, contemporary dance, as well as incorporating the Muscle and Bone system.

Focusing on body and spatial awareness through full-bodied movement sequences Powwow Boot Camp targets core strength in addition to muscularity of the legs. Move, dance, sweat,  energize your body-mind-spirit, while listening to fabulous music in a social and invigorating environment.

Powwow Boot Camp is designed for people ages 16 & up. Please wear workout clothing, no shoes are required and make sure to bring plenty of water for hydration.

“Celebrate being alive and be prepared to sweat!”

Our roster of Powwow Boot Camp instructors include:

Santee Smith, Founder and Artistic Director of Kaha:wi Dance Theatre
Santee Smith (Tekaronhiáhkhwa) is Onkwehon:we from the Kenien’kehá:ka (Mohawk Nation), Turtle Clan from Six Nations of the Grand River. Santee holds degrees in Physical Education and Psychology from McMaster University as well as a Masters degree in Dance from York University.  Her dance journey began early including attending Canada’s National Ballet School. In 1996 the opportunity to choreograph ignited her creative force and she produced her first choreographic work, Kaha:wi in 2004. As a result of this work and her desire to pursue and define a career in contemporary dance, Santee founded Kaha:wi Dance Theatre , a vehicle for her artistic voice in 2005.

Santee believes in maintaining the fundamental Onkwehon:we understanding of performance, body and role of artist. There is value in celebrating and loving our bodies and the spirit housed within.

Santee created Powwow Boot Camp  to promote dance, physical fitness and life affirming body expression while incorporating Onkwehon:we values.

“I hope that through our work at KDT we can ignite passion for live arts and through the action of physical training, individuals may come to know that their body, voice and imagination matters – that they may come to understand their innate creativity as it applies to performing and their life.”

Click here to read Santee Smith’s full biography


Joshua DePerry (AKA Classic Roots), Powwow Boot Camp Instructor
Joshua DePerry (Blackfoot and Cree Nations), born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Attending Saturday Night Youth dances inspired Joshua to start Break Dancing. He has been Break Dancing since the age of 12 in Sault Ste. Marie, performing at talent shows, events, and youth workshops. His favourite memory was when he first performed for over 500 youth in Chicago, Illinois. Joshua was a key youth leader for “Right to Play”, he joined the KDT cast for The Honouring tour in 2014 and continues to be a featured KDT Powwow Boot Camp instructor.  Joshua is a Fancy Dancer and as music producer “Classic Roots” he is launching his album Hack the Planet in 2014. His goals are to advocate for the Native community about healthy living and staying fit.

Other instructors from previous editions of Powwow Boot Camp include: James Jones, Hoop Dancer for A Tribe Called Red, Larry Yazzie founder of Native Pride Dancers (USA) and Alex Twin.

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Leslie McCue | Tour and Booking Manager
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