Nia:wen Flato Markham Theatre

October 22, 2015 | Category: Blog, Feature

Kaha:wi Dance Theatre premiered the indoor version of The Honouring last night at the Flato Markham Theatre which concluded the tour.
KDT looks forward to presenting this production in theatres soon. Stay tuned for the theatre trailer!

Audience responses

Very moving and epic in feel even on the indoor stage. You have captured a huge melding of issues that are still contemporary and resonate today. The power of dance as a high art form has been quite a gift tonight in this epic performance – Kathleen Peer

Coming from a professional dance background, I was very impressed with the skill and emotion exhibited on the stage tonight. It was very inspiring and emotion provoking. I think we desperately need to see more dance rooted in Indigenous culture. It was so beautiful and I’m still in awe and so grateful I could see this performance. THANK YOU! – Saturn

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