KDT at the Living Arts Centre

KDT was honoured to visit the Living Arts Centre for workshops and demos!  Kaha:wi Dance Theatre is passionate and dedicated to engaging people of all ages and from all walks of life.

KDT offers a variety of community engagement activities and workshops designed to ignite creativity and interest in the performing arts. Click here for more info.

NEWSFLASH: KDT is Now on Tumblr!

 Follow Kaha:wi Dance Theatre on our brand new Tumblr blog at – http://kahawidance.tumblr.com/

Come Check Out KDT’s Powwow Bootcamp

Watch the video here

For National Aboriginal History Month fitness enthusiasts gathered to participate in KDT’s Powwow Bootcamp! Kaha:wi Dance Theatre’s (KDT) high-energy Powwow/dance training class a fun boot camp style workout for people interested in maximizing their physical fitness led by Artistic Director Santee Smith and select KDT instructors.

 KDT’s Powwow Boot Camp allows participants to learn or practice skills in Indigenous dance forms of Powwow and Onkwehon:we (Iroquois) social dances. These dances are performed in combination with exciting and challenging cardiovascular/physical conditioning exercises and contemporary dance.







Marcos Martins joins KDT SI as an instructor

KDT will be welcoming back the incredible Marcos Martins to this years Summer Intensive to teach Capoeira.

Marcos classes consists of all 4 elements of Capoeira – martial art, dance, acrobatics and music. Regardless of your fitness level, you will experience a class that is not only fun but challenging. During a workshop, focus is more on the basics kicks, escapes, and acrobatics of Capoeira. The workshop is done to traditional Capoeira music, to encourage movement and rhythm. Get ready for some serious fun!

Check out the exciting line up of classes on our website – http://bit.ly/1yqX3rC

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KDT welcomes instructor Bulareyaung Pagarlava

Join Kaha:wi Dance Theatre Summer Intensive 2015 for International Guest Artist Bulareyaung Pagarlavas class: Amis Tribe traditional songs and dance – Sa’aniwan Village

Amis tribe is the most populous of all the indigenous tribes of Taiwan. The New Year Ceremony of the Amis is Called Ilisin, which purpose is to venerate the spirits and tribal ancestors as a way of thanking them for their protection and praying for a good harvest in the coming year. The singing and dancing are a necessary element of Ilisin; for the Amis people believe that the more enthusiastic and spectacular their singing and dancing are, the better their crop harvest will be in the year ahead.

For more details on KDT SI pricing, classes and registration visit – http://bit.ly/1E2pMrZ

Youth Cultural Dance Repertoire Workshop this Saturday!

Join KDT on July 11, 2015 at the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto for a Cultural Dance Repertoire workshop!

KDT instructors will share traditional Indigenous dance forms with discussion of the cultural background and significance (Powwow and Onkwehonwe Social Dances) – Ages 9-14


Info – leslie@kahawidance.org
Presented by the Aboriginal Pavilion


Andrea Nann joins the exciting line up of KDT SI

Joining KDT SI this year is Andrea Nann, a Toronto-based contemporary dance artist and the artistic director of Dreamwalker Dance Company.

We are looking forward to her class Gyrokinesis®. Her work investigates contemporary approaches to creation and explores the translation of experiences through collaboration with artists and producers from all artistic disciplines.

Get involved by registering on our website – http://bit.ly/1FF8m4D

KDT SI is delighted to welcome Laura Grizzlypaws

KDT is excited to have Laura Grizzlypaws teaching St’át’imc and Cultural Dance as part of this years KDT SI.

The dance workshop will support participants for the exploration of various dance movements and creativity through cultural traditions. Grizzlypaws will fully present over a dozen dance movement styles by facilitating group exercises which also inspired intellectual understanding and individual creativity of cultural dance. The props will include scarves, masks, ribbons and shawls.

Laura in action – http://bit.ly/1Rpgtr8

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Are you ready for a challenge?

KDT SUMMER INTENSIVE (SI) is a month-long training program that offers contemporary technique, world Indigenous dance forms, alternative physical training systems, and artistic dialogue for investigating new dance performance.

Registration now open! – http://bit.ly/1chRYNf

Tkaronto Bounce to be Showcased in Season Media Launch


Kaha:wi Dance Theatre will be performing the kayak section from Tkaronto Bounce as part of Flato Markham Theatre’s 15/16 Season Launch Monday, May 11, 2015 at 7PM

Join us – http://bit.ly/1dTrqCR

Kaha:wi Dance Theatre (KDT) is one of Canada’s leading contemporary dance companies. Exploring the intersection of Indigenous and new dance performance it is internationally renowned for artistry, creative excellence and collaboration. KDT’s embodiment of spirituality within traditional culture and innovative storytelling is conveyed through cinematic imagery and virtuosic performance that electrifies audiences on the world stage.

Founded by Onkwehonwe Artistic Director and Choreographer Santee Smith (Kahnyen’kehàka – Mohawk Nation). Innovative, transformative and culturally power-packed performances distinguish Santee as one of Canada’s most exciting choreographers.

Kaha:wi (Ga-HA-Wee) means “to carry” in the Mohawk language and is a traditional name for Smith’s family. KDT carries culture through dance, theatre, music and design.


“…[H]er highly charged, traditional/contemporary/ballet fusion eats up the stage…” Globe and Mail


“Smith is a choreographer to watch out for…”  Vancouver Sun, 2009


“Her choreography is bold, earthy, sensual and exciting…FFWD, 2005

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